AD-EKOL Continues to be the Shooting Center
AD-EKOL Continues to be the Shooting Center

We had a short interview with General Manager of Ad Ekol Mr Hakan ATAOĞUZ.
We thank you to Mr ATAOĞUZ who informed us about AD Ekol.

Could you give information about your company main activity and the market you are addressing?

Our company is an organization that provides both purchasing and logistics services to the biggest players in the sector on auto spare parts. We supply products to the independent spare parts market. In other words, we offer products and services to the market other than authorized services. Our group companies that we supply are in an effort to provide the best service to the retailers and services with the most affordable costs in the regions where they are located.

What is the difference between originally defined products and the products you put on the market?

In the authorized services, the products named as original mounted on the vehicles are placed,We supply the same product at a more affordable price to car owners who are end consumers by offering them in their own box. In other words, the manufacturers of the products we offer are the same, only the authorized services present them in the box of the brand of the vehicle that we represent, and in the box of the company that produces the same product.

Can you inform us if there are new partners or companies with the status of members recently?

This year, we are growing stronger with our new company partners Aksay, Canlı, Davet and Neko automotive joining our group. In addition, as of March 1, we have reached an even stronger position in this vehicle segment by joining our group in Altay automotive, a specialist in far-east vehicles located in Izmir.

What are the developments on the side of Auto Distribution International, which is the International Trade Group you are affiliated with?

In 2017, we became a partner of the Auto Distribution International Company located in Brussels, Belgium, and thus, we took a step towards representing our country in such a big-rooted organization and having a voice in a group that leads the industry globally. We see this as a source of pride for our country and industry.

As it is seen, Ekol Automotive continues to be a center of attraction in the sector as it was yesterday.